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Thanks for visiting the WeekendRUSH MySpace Developer Center. This website is not owned, operated or endorsed by MySpace or it's parent company. We just want to offer you a free and easy way to access, manage and improve your myspace website. We understand the value that MySpace brings to our lives and we hope you find this website helpful. We have searched the web far and wide to bring you links to the best and easiest-to-use MySpace development tools and services that we believe you'll find useful. If you find a useful link in our sponsored links boxes, please click it to learn more about the many useful offers our sponsors have to offer.
To change your background color on your myspace homepage, copy and paste the code from the box below into your about me box under 'edit profile'. You can update the color 'green' to be whatever color you like. If you want to get more color codes visit the link found directly below the code box.

Copy code from this box:

Get color codes online at

Happy Editing!

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Post this button on your MySpace page by copying the code from the box below into your profile.

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